Three Sisters Soup

The three sisters refer to a traditional trio of plants—corn, climbing beans and squash. When planted side by side these crops help each other grow. Corn provides support for the bean vines to grow on. Beans add nitrogen into the soil to fertilize the corn and squash. Finally, squash grows as a groundcover to provide shade, which keeps the ground moist and prevents weeds from growing.

Three sisters soup is a complete nutritional package with carbohydrates from corn, protein from the beans, essential vitamins and minerals from the squash.

Soups are made quite frequently in the north and I enjoy making soups, as it’s my connection to my home when I’m living so far away. The story of the three sisters (corn, squash, beans) is one of helping each other and  protecting each other during growth. Our land has taught us so much about what we need to survive. We are still learning from the land today. We need to protect and care for the land for a brighter future.

- Chef Stephanie

Meet The Chef

Steph Baryluk 

Chef Steph is Teetl'it Gwich'in from Teetl'it Zheh (Fort McPherson), Treaty 11 Territory located in the Northwest Territories. She now resides in Tsawwassen, BC with her husband and two kids. After completing her Red Seal as a Cook she knew she wanted to do more with her Indigenous roots. Chef Steph has hosted cooking classes and speaking engagements in her hometown and launched her own company, MRS B’S JERKY, which is a play on traditional caribou dried meat ‘Nilii Gaii’ but made with beef. She’s excited for the next steps with Indigenous cuisine.