"To say that Ms. Warren has gone above and beyond her responsibilities this year would be an incredible understatement."

Former Director of Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education, Robin Brayne

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2017 Award for Excellence in Service: Susan Warren

June 20, 2017

Susan Warren joined the Faculty of Education’s Graduate Programs in 2001 as a Program Assistant. Since 2008, she has been the Program Manager, where she supervises staff supporting the day-to-day operations of the Burnaby Graduate Program office. 

As the Program Manager, she is responsible for a variety of tasks, such as overseeing the appointment of sessional instructors, teaching assistants, graduate faculty associates, and research assistants in the faculty, as well as providing conflict resolution and academic advice to current graduate students. Most importantly, Ms. Warren plays an integral part in the Faculty of Education, described by her colleagues as “an indispensable and quiet pillar of strength in graduate programs, a trusted and thoughtful advisor, and a highly capable manager with exceptional communication skills.”

In the past academic year, the Faculty of Education has been in a period of transition. Allthroughout, Ms. Warren was described as the rock that held everything together. She ensured that academic visions met operational, budgetary, and departmental requirements, and on several occasions where unexpected circumstances arose, Ms. Warren took over parts of the job portfolios of other managers in Graduate Studies. According to Dr. Shawn Bullock, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in Education, and Dr. Robin Brayne, previous Director of Graduate Programs, “to say that Ms. Warren has gone above and beyond her responsibilities this year would be an incredible understatement.”

Dr. Bullock and Dr. Brayne go on to say that Ms. Warren is “remarkably capable, exceptionally thorough, always reliable and, time and again, resourceful and proactive." They stress also that many others have commented on “how fortunate [they] are, as a unit of the Faculty, to have such a person looking out for so many things for so many people, and so graciously.”

Dr. Allan MacKinnon, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, echoes this sentiment, saying “Susan is probably the most conscientious and pleasant person I've worked with in staff of Graduate Studies in Education.” It is clear, from the words of those around her, that Ms. Warren is an integral and respected member of the Graduate Program team in the Faculty of Education.

Ms. Warren is receiving the Dean's Award for Excellence in Service because of her endless patience and remarkable capabilities. She is truly, as her colleagues say, “an indefatigable and unsung hero in graduate programs.”