Why Graduate Studies at SFU?

Simon Fraser University offers an excellent environment for research and graduate studies. The institution is home to a variety of world-class research facilities, innovative programs, and world-renowned scholars.

More than 5,500 students are currently enrolled in graduate programs in our eight faculties, with approximately 30% international graduate students in attendance.

We invite you to learn more about why SFU is a world-class university and is the right school for your graduate studies.

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What our graduate students say

Caitlin Hyslop-Margison

Doctoral Student from the Department of Criminology

Quote SFU's School of Criminology, aside from being one of the world's leading institutions in criminology and criminal justice studies, boasts faculty whose research is at the forefront of studies in violent extremism and terrorism. For this reason, there is a plethora of possibilities for research direction at SFU when it comes to studying these issues, and to be a part of producing work that is valuable, original, and cutting-edge. Quote

Aayush Sharma

Master student in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Quote SFU was my first choice for my Master's degree as the faculty are brilliant, interdisciplinary researchers with a wealth of experience. I also completed my undergraduate degree at SFU, meaning I was familiar with the faculty and the university. Quote

Ghazal Majidi

Master student in the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Quote I chose to pursue the Interdisciplinary Arts MFA at SFU primarily because of its progressive collaborative nature. The opportunity to learn from and collaborate with artists and faculty members across different disciplines and give space to communal emergence in artistic production is certainly an asset. Being in an interdisciplinary environment helps me to push the boundaries of my own work by getting exposed to different artistic worlds and frameworks. Quote

What our graduate students are researching

Brett Hodinka

'Programmed' mass loss in European starlings.


Abigail Vazquez

Effects of ethical capital on social enterprises.


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