Apply for WE

How to Apply for a WE

Review the Withdrawal under Extenuating Circumstances (WE) page


A WE will be considered only if no other option is available to successfully drop or complete the class.

Before starting the application process, please read and understand what it means to apply for a WE. This includes student responsibility when it comes to fees and scholarships.

Withdrawal under Extenuating Circumstances

Read before applying

Compose a letter explaining reason for a WE


Compose a short letter explaining your extenuating circumstances, what other options you looked into, and reason for the WE request.

  • If your request is for a selective WE (not all courses enrolled in the term), an explanation is required as to why one course is impacted and not the others
  • If your request is retroactive (after the term has been completed) an explanation is required as to why the request was not made earlier

Grounds for a WE

There are two grounds for WEs at the graduate level; medical or compassionate.

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Provide documentation

  Gather additional documentation that supports your request. If documentation is not in English, it must be translated by a certified professional.

Documentation for a WE

All appeals to withdrawal require a high standard of documentation that must accompany each application.

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Complete and submit application

  Complete the WE application form and submit the form and all supporting documentation to Graduate Studies at

WE Application Form

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WE Decision

WEs are reviewed by a committee. You will be contacted by email and the decision will be recorded on your transcript as follows:

If a WE is approved:

  • A WE notation will replace the grade for the approved course(s) on your transcript. No credits for the class(es) are awarded; WE marks have no effect on your CGPA
  • You may receive a partial refund for the tuition of the course(s), depending on the situation.
    •  You are still responsible for paying any ancillary fees and remaining tuition amounts
  • If the course is required for your program, you can take it again at a later date without it counting as a retake
  • The email you receive regarding the result of your WE application will outline any next steps, if applicable.
If a WE is denied:
  • The grade(s) on your transcript will remain
  • The email you receive regarding the result of your WE application will outline if further documentation could be supplied for reconsideration
  • You may apply to the Graduate Program Committee to retake the course at a later date to improve your grade. See GGR 1.5.5 for details
  • Under limited conditions, you may apply to the Senate Appeals Board (SAB)

Application Follow up

If you have not received a decision 3 weeks after submitting your complete application, please follow up by sending an email.