Probationary Period (AD 10.22)


May 29, 2014

Revision Date


AD 10.22

Revision No.

1.         Subject: Probationary Period

2.         General Policy Statement

All new Continuing Employees shall serve a Probationary Period during the first six (6) months of uninterrupted service in her/his appointment to a continuing position. The purpose of the Probationary Period is to give the University time to adequately assess a new employee’s performance and suitability to the position and to allow the employee the opportunity to adjust to the new position.

3.         Responsibility

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that Probationary Period performance reviews are conducted.

Employees are responsible to identify to their supervisor at the earliest opportunity any difficulties that they are experiencing.

4.         Probationary Period Procedures

4.01 The supervisor of the Continuing Employee shall provide ongoing feedback during the Probationary Period and at least once every two (2) months shall provide the Continuing Employee with a written Probationary Period performance review. A Continuing Employee shall have the opportunity to provide a written response.

4.02 If areas of deficiency, including lack of suitability, are identified in the written Probationary Period performance reviews, the expected standard of performance must be explained to the Continuing Employee and the employee given an opportunity to correct any deficiencies.

4.03 At the completion of the Probationary Period, the Continuing Employee’s supervisor shall meet with the Continuing Employee to provide a final written progress update and review.

4.04 A Continuing Employee shall be informed when the Probationary Period has been satisfactorily completed. Upon successful completion of the Probationary Period, the supervisor shall notify Human Resources and this notification will be placed in the employee’s file.

4.05 The Probationary Period may be extended at the discretion of the supervisor or upon the request of the employee in cases of Unsatisfactory Performance or where the supervisor has been unable to appropriately evaluate the Continuing Employee. The extension shall not normally exceed three (3) months. The reasons for the extension and the term of the extension shall be provided in writing.

4.06 An Employee who is appointed from a Temporary Position to a Continuing Position or an employee from another employee group who is appointed to a Continuing Position shall serve a

Probationary Period; however, in such cases the Probationary Period may be reduced or waived, in writing, at the discretion of the hiring supervisor.

4.07 A Continuing Employee that has not been successful in completing the Probationary Period including for reasons of lack of suitability shall receive notice or pay in lieu of notice as provided by the Employment Standards Act.

4.08 A Continuing Employee that is terminated for just cause during the Probationary Period will not be given notice or pay in lieu of notice.

4.09 The provisions of AD10.19 shall not apply for termination of a Continuing Employee on a Probationary Period; however, the University shall act reasonably and in good faith.