Central Stores Requisitioning


May 1, 1969

Revision Date

October 26, 1989


AD 1.1

Revision No.



Line items of general office supplies including stationery, computer supplies, printing and photocopying supplies will be stocked in Central Stores and will be available at cost to all departments.


1. Stores Requisitions

  1.  Departments requiring items which are stocked in the Central Stores warehouse can obtain them by raising a "Stores Requisitions" (Form FAD 1-1) and forwarding the first three copies to Central Stores. The canary copy will be retained by the originator.
  2. Upon receipt of the "Stores Requisitions", the Stores will date stamp the day of receipt and process on a first-come-first-served basis. The white copy will be utilized for billing purposes and forwarded to Financial Services.
  3. When supplies are delivered, the originating department will acknowledge receipt of the number of pieces as indicated, and return the yellow copy to the Storeman. The pink copy will be retained by the department as a packing slip.
  4. The Storeman will pass this copy to the Stores Control Group for file reference.
  5. On checking the order, any errors must immediately be brought to the attention of the Central Stores.

2. Completion of Form FAD 1-1

Originators of a Stores Requisition should ensure that the form is completed in detail and that the proper account code is charged. The form should be completed as follows:
  1. "Account Number" - Insert account code to which cost of stores is to be charged.
  2. "Department" - Insert department under which originator of requisition functions.
  3. "Account Name" - Office Supplies, Printing, etc.
  4. "Date Required" - First-come-first-served is normal, but Date Required will be taken into consideration.
  5. "Deliver to" - Location of section or person supplies are to be delivered to.
  6. "Approved" - Designated approving authority in department signs here.
  7. "Catalogue Number, Description, Unit of Issue" - Obtained from stores catalogue. A one-word description may be used. For items not listed in the catalogue, insert "N.I.C." in Catalogue No. column.
  8. "Quantity" - Insert the number of "Units of Issue" required.

3. Returned Supplies

  1.  When departments which to return supplies which are damaged or surplus to their needs, they should raise a Central Stores Requisition (Form FAD 1-1), enfacing it with the word "Credit" in large printing. The account code which is to be credited should be inserted in the "Account Number" section. The originator should then advise the Central Stores dispatch (local 3101) of pick-up of the supplies along with the first three copies of FAD 1-1. The pink and canary copies should be retained by the originator. The Storeman, on receipt of the supplies, should sign the three copies confirming receipt and return the pink copy to the originator.
  2. The two remaining copies will be passed to the Stores Control Group which will price the voucher, forward the original to Financial Services, and retain the yellow copy for posting to stock records. A copy of an invoice credit will be mailed to the department. All credits issued are at the discretion of the Central Stores.

4. Billing

  1. An invoice detailing the Central Stores Requisition will be mailed to all departments for Central Stores purchases. Any error must immediately be brought to the attention of the Central Stores.