Telephone Service


October 26, 1989

Revision Date


AD 1.15

Revision No.


  1. The control and management of the University telephone system is the responsibility of the Department of Support Services.

  2. All University departments are responsible for the costs related to the telephone service in their own department, including equipment rental charges, toll charges, and connection charges.


  1. Each month, the Department of Support Services will send an Extension Call Detail Report for each local to the department. Equipment rental charges, as well as toll charges, will be outlined on this Report. Departments will be billed in advance for equipment rental, and in arrears for toll charges.

  2. Departments may request Telephone Moves/Adds/Changes by the appropriate departmental signing authority sending a memo or E-mail to the Department of Support Services (Manager, Ancillary Services) requesting the change. There will be a charge for each move/add/change. These connection charges will be charged back to departments on a monthly basis.

  3. All Trouble/Repair Calls should be reported to the Telecommunications Clerk (local 4113).

  4. Name Changes related to the display on the Superset 4 should be reported to the Telecommunications Clerk (local 4113).

  5. The Campus Telephone Directory is produced semi-annually, in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Departments are provided, at no cost, and with one directory for each telephone set in their department. When a new telephone set is installed, a directory will be provided at no cost. Additional copies of the Directory may be purchased if required; however, only a limited number are available. All queries related to the Directory should be directed to the Manager, Ancillary Services (local 4188).

  6. Telephone training is available by calling the Manager, Ancillary Services (local 4188).