Minor Capital Project Requests (Total Cost over $1500.00)


July 20, 1994

Revision Date

September 4, 2002


AD 13.02

Revision No.



This policy guides the administration of projects other than those funded from the Annual Capital Allowance (Policy AD 13-1). Funding for these projects can include research grants, operating budget, donations or other sources.


  1.  Projects for construction, alteration or renovation of campus facilities will be administered by the Campus Planning & Development division of Facilities Management.

  2. Departments requiring Facilities Management support for renovations, repairs, new installations or physical relocations for work deemed to be over $1,500.00 in cost must complete a Project Initiating Form and forward it to Facilities Management.


a. The requesting Department will:

  1. initiate a Project Initiating Form, FAD 13-1, giving the project description and details;
  2. forward the canary and white copies to Facilities Management. Retain the pink copy for the Department file.

b. Facilities Management will:

  1. register the Project Request number and forward a "Confirmation" copy to the originating Department;

  2. provide a "Preliminary Estimate" (± 30%) for budget purposes only when the Department does not have the project funded (Appendix II b);

  3. provide a "Final Estimate" (± 10%) only when the Department has project funding available; and

  4. return the canary and white copies to the requesting Department with either the Preliminary or Final estimates.

c. The requesting Department will:

  1. write "Cancelled" in the "Estimate Approval" block if they do not wish the work to be done, and forward the canary and white copies to Facilities Management;

  2. enter Fund, Account and Centre to which the project is to be charged;

  3. obtain the approval signatures of the Originator, the appropriate Departmental signing authority and the appropriate Dean or Vice-President; and

  4. forward the canary and white copies to the Finance Office.

d. Projects for Action

The Finance Department will:

  1. confirm the availability of the funds in the designated account;

  2. set up a commitment against that account number;

  3. sign the last line in the "Estimate Approval" block; and

  4. forward the approved canary and white copies to Facilities Management.

e. Facilities Management will:

  1. complete all construction drawings, specifications, co- ordinate and schedule trades and take construction to completion;

  2. inform the Finance Office of monthly charges.

f. The Finance Office will:

  1. debit the charges so that these expenditures are reflected in the appropriate accounts.