Modification of Appointments from Full-time to Part-time


November 1, 1984

Revision Date

October 19, 2004


AD 9.04

Revision No.


(Applies to administrative and professional staff only.)

  1. General Policy

    The University may consider applications from employees for reduced time appointments where it will lead to a financial saving to the University.

    The modification of an appointment will apply only to the position currently held by the applicant. The employee may apply for other full or part-time positions and, if successful, will be appointed under the normal policies.

    Should the University wish to reinstate the modified position to a full-time appointment, the incumbent will be offered the position on a full-time basis. If the offer is not accepted, the provisions of AD 9-18 (Occupational Continuity) will apply.

    Should the employee wish to have the position reinstated to a full- time appointment, a written application may be made following the procedure set out in the Procedure section. of this policy. The University's decision will be final.

  2. Definitions

    3.01 Continuing Employee - an employee with an appointment with no end date.

    3.02 Full-time Employee - a continuing or a temporary employee appointed to work seventy (70) hours bi-weekly on a regular basis.

    3.03 Modification of Appointment - reducing the time worked during the year by up to 50%.

    3.04 Nominal Salary - the salary an employee would have received if he/she had retained his/her full-time appointment.

    3.05 Actual Salary - the salary received by an employee whose appointment has been modified.

  3. Entitlement

    The following provisions will apply to all employees on modified appointments under this policy.

    4.01 During the period of a modified appointment the employee will retain his/her continuing status.

    4.02 Vacation Entitlement will be pro-rated based upon the number of hours worked in a bi-weekly period while working in a Modification of Appointment, and a full year's entitlement of service will be accrued for an Employee while working in a Modification of Appointment.

    4.03 The salary will be reduced in proportion to the time worked. The employee's salary will be paid on a twelve (12) month basis throughout any period of modified appointment. Salary progression will occur in accordance with the salary administration policy based on the nominal salary. The nominal salary will then be reduced in accordance with the terms of the appointment.

    4.04 Pension benefits will be determined, at the initiation of the modified appointment, as follows:

    Employees less than fifty-five (55) years of age and/or having less than ten (10) years service - benefits will be based on actual salary. Employees fifty-five (55) years of age or older having ten (10) or more years service - benefits will be based on nominal salary. Service credits will be based on a full year regardless of age or service.

    4.05 Sick leave and long term disability benefits will be based on actual salary at the time of the commencement of sick leave regardless of age or service. Sick leave entitlement will be based on the actual time worked.

    4.06 Long term disability benefits will be based on actual salary at the time of commencement of long term disability.

    4.07 Basic and optional group life insurance will be based on actual salary.

    4.08 Dental, Medical Services Plan and Extended Health Plan benefits will continue as for full-time appointments.

    4.09 Maternity leave reimbursements will be based on the actual salary at the time the leave commences.

    4.10 Actual salary will be used to calculate government sponsored benefits such as WCB, UI, and CPP.

  4. Eligibility

    Any full-time continuing administrative and professional employee may request a modification of his/her appointment under this policy. The terms of the policy will only cover those situations where the modified appointment will result in a financial saving to the University.

  5. Procedure

    6.01 An employee wishing a modification of appointment should submit his/her request in writing to his/her Supervisor at least two (2) months prior to the date on which he/she wishes the modification to take effect. A schedule of work must be included as part of the application process.

    6.02 After appropriate consideration of the impact of the change on the Department and discussion with the employee the Supervisor shall forward the employee's application together with his/her recommendation to the appropriate Dean or Director.

    6.03 The Dean or Director will make the final decision and notify the employee, his/her Supervisor and the Executive Director, Human Resources.