Named Recognition of Buildings, Academic Endowments and Academic Units Policy


January 27, 2005

Revision Date

September 27, 2012


GP 35

Revision No.


1.0   Purpose

This policy governs the granting of named recognition for individuals and/or organizations whose accomplishments or generosity advance the mission of the University and contribute to its growth and reputation. Named recognition may be offered for the naming of campus buildings or facilities, academic endowments, and academic units including, but not limited to, faculties, schools, libraries, programs, centres and institutes.

2.0   Policy

2.1 Capital projects and academic programming (including the establishment of specially funded chairs and professorships) will continue to be based on established academic and other operational criteria and approved in keeping with the University's established practices and academic mission.

2.2 Permanent named recognition may be offered for a gift received or for exemplary service. In the event of changed circumstances, e.g. when a facility or program no longer exists, the University reserves the right to terminate or alter the named recognition, in consultation with the donor or honouree, where possible.

2.3 Limited term named recognition of a building, part of a building, or academic unit may be offered for a gift received. At the expiration of the term, the donor will be given the first opportunity to extend the named recognition upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the donor and the University.

2.4 Facilities or activities supported by gifts may be named after a donor, or a third party at the wish of a donor, provided that the donation represents a significant part of the cost or is regarded as central to the completion of the facility or activity. Where a third party is involved, the written agreement of that third party is required. Minimum funding requirements in each category will be set by the appropriate Vice-President in consultation with Vice-President, Advancement & Alumni Engagement, and approved by the President.

2.5 Only in exceptional circumstances will facilities or activities be named to honour outstanding service of faculty or staff while they are employed at the University.

2.6 Named recognition will be declined or revoked if, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, circumstances respecting the donor or honouree contradict the mission, ethics and/or values of the University or bring its reputation into disrepute.

2.7 All new names shall be filed with the Secretary to the Board of Governors and the Chief Facilities Officer. The President's Office, or designate, shall be responsible for informing the University community of such new names.

3.0   Pre-Approval of Fundraising/Named Recognition

All fundraising inquiries, campaigns and proposals to the private sector (individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations) offering named recognition, are to be discussed and approved by the Vice-President, Advancement & Alumni Engagement, or his/her designate following consultation with the President, Vice-Presidents and Deans in accordance with Policy GP 3, Donations.

4.0  Approvals

4.1 Named Recognition of Campus Facilities

a.     Board of Governors approval is required for named recognition of buildings, complexes of buildings, roads, walkways, playing fields, parks, gardens etc. upon recommendation from the President in consultation with the Senate Committee on University Priorities (SCUP) and Senate.

b.    Presidential approval is required for named recognition of facilities that are part of the University's inside space including rooms, laboratories, lounges, recreational courts, etc. upon the recommendation of the Vice-President who has responsibility for the use or functional purpose of the facility, together with the Vice-President, Advancement & Alumni Engagement and the appropriate Dean where an academic area is involved.

4.2 Named Recognition of Chairs and Professorships

Presidential approval together with the approval of the Dean, Vice-President, Academic, and Vice-President, Advancement & Alumni Engagement in consultation with the Senate Committee on University Priorities (SCUP) and Senate is required for the naming of Chairs and Professorships established in accordance with Policy A 10.06, Appointment of Specially Funded University Chairs, University Professors and Research Fellows, and Policy A 10.03, Endowments for Academic Appointments.

4.3 Named Recognition of Academic Units

a.     Board of Governors approval is required for named recognition of academic units

b.    Proposals for the naming of academic units are to be made to the Board of Governors by the President, on the advice of the Vice-President, Academic, and, for the naming of Research Centres and Institutes, the Vice-President, Research, the Vice-President, Advancement & Alumni Engagement, the Deans of the Faculties involved, SCUP and Senate.

c.     The Vice-President, Academic and Dean of the Faculty shall consult with the members of the academic unit involved to ensure the majority are in support of the naming.

d.    Every effort shall be taken to ensure the proposed name is compatible with the broader purposes of the University.

e.     Academic units may be named for a donor under the condition that the donor will have no influence over decisions or the decision-making processes associated with the teaching, research or service elements of the unit in question.

5.0  Definitions

Academic Unit – an academic unit includes but is not limited to faculties, schools, libraries, programs, centres, departments and institutes.

Facilities – facilities includes but is not limited to buildings, complexes of buildings, rooms, laboratories, lounges, recreational areas, roads, walkways, playing fields, parks and gardens.

Named Recognition – the naming of academic units, activities and facilities in recognition of individuals or organizations whose accomplishments or generosity advance the mission of the University and contribute to its growth and reputation.

SCUP – Senate Committee on University Priorities.