Michael Maraun


Areas of interest

History, Quantitative & Theoretical

Research Interests

Psychometrics, measurement, philosophy of science. 

Selected Publications

Maraun, M. (2017). The object detection logic of latent variable modeling technologies. Quality and Quantity, 51, 239–259.

Maraun, M., and Hart, S. (2016) Taxonic Latent Structure and Taxometrics in Forensic Mental Health. Psychological Reports, 119(2), 450-486.

Maraun, M., and Heene, M. A (2016). A note on the implications of factorial invariance for common factor variable equivalence. Communications in Statistics, 45:14, 4181-4193.

Jalava, J., Griffiths, S., and Maraun, M. (2015). The Myth of the Born Criminal: Science, Psychopathy, and Folklore. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.