Neil Watson


Areas of interest

Cognitive & Neural Sciences

Research Interests

Hormones and behaviour, sexual differentiation of the nervous system, reproductive behaviour, psychopharmacology, human neuropsychology, neurobiology. 

Selected Publications

(my trainees marked with *)

*Jones, B.A., *Wagner, L.S., and Watson, N.V. (2014 - submitted). The effects of Bisphenol A exposure at different developmental time points in an androgen-sensitive neuromuscular system. Endocrinology

*Hamson, D.K., *Jones, B.A., *Csupity, A.S., *Ali, F.M. & Watson, N.V. (2014). Androgen insensitive male rats display increased anxiety-like behaviour on the elevated plus maze. Behavioural Brain Research, 259, 158-163.

*Zilioli, S. & Watson, N.V. (2014). Testosterone across successive competitions: Evidence for a winner effect in humans? Psychoneuroendocrinology, 47, 1-9.

*Zilioli S., Watson N.V. (2013) Winning Isn't Everything: Mood and Testosterone Regulate the Cortisol Response in Competition. PLoS One, 8(1), e52582.

Watson, N. V., & Breedlove, S.M. (2012). The Mind's Machine: Foundations of Brain and Behavior. Sunderland MA: Sinauer


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