Join Us!

We have a very active lab and are always looking for motivated students to join our lab community! 

Let's hear some testimonials from our lab members:

"I am currently double majoring in psychology and criminology, with a particular interest in the intersection of psychology and law in the context of children and adolescents. That interest was what led me to become a part of the Children's Memory Lab and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the lab and being able to work with some really great people!  In that time, I have had many amazing opportunities to be a part of the ongoing studies in the lab, whether it was by running participants, coding data, or even doing a conference presentation. This experience has helped to foster my interest in research, which is something I hope to continue with in the future."



"I joined this lab last summer. As a RA, I have involved in different research projects and engaged in different tasks, such as interviewing, coding and data entry etc. This lab provides me great opportunities to explore what research looks like and prepares me for my future academic pursuit. Now, I am moving on to do my honours project. It seems quite difficult for me to do the honours project as an international undergraduate student, but with my supervisor's insightful advice and my lab colleagues' patient help and guidance, I am greatly encouraged and feel more confident about myself. I believe my experience at Children's Memory Research Group will make me a good-fit for the master programs that I plan to apply. I really appreciate everyone’s help and love to work at this friendly and supportive environment.”



Prospective Graduate students.

Please stay tuned for future updates.

Honours Students

As you move through this website, you may find research programs that you find particularly interesting. The representative publications under research themes session should be helpful as you learn more about that component of our research.  If you would like to learn more about opportunities in the Children’s Memory Lab, you may email with your cover letter, resume and transcript.  



Volunteering can be a useful way to gain research experience for those considering graduate school or an Honours program. Throughout the semester, we typically have several lab projects underway. Volunteers in our lab will have a chance to assist in data collection with our undergraduate and child participants, as well as assist in the coding and entry of information into SPSS. We ask that volunteers be able to give 5-10 hours of their time per week.

If you are interested in volunteering in our lab please email with a resume. Experience with children is an asset, but not necessary.