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The Measurement and Modelling Lab (MML) is an active lab engaging in methodological research on statistical and measurement topics with special application primarily in the area of well-being research, with major interest in advancing research that is inclusive of under-studied topics and peoples to provide a fuller understanding of the diversity of human experiences.

Dr. Fouladi works with students to connect them with resources and experiences, through research activities, conference presentation participation where appropriate, as well as to professional organizations (e.g., the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology; National and Regional Psychological Associations (e.g., APA, CPA, WPA); and Ethnic Psychologial Associations, such as, the Asian American Psychological Association; the American Arab, Middle Eastern Psychological Association; the Society of Indian Psychologists; the Association of Black Psychologists).

Enquiries from potential graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, collaborators, or undergraduate students (who wish to work in Dr. Rachel Fouladi's Measurement and Modelling lab) are welcome. This includes individuals with special knowledge of statistics/ linguistics/ quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and/or interests in measurement/modeling research in the domain of health psychology, sport psychology, physcial activity and health monitoring/improvement. This includes individuals commited to disciplinary transformation through consideration/examination of diversities of methodologies and/or lived experiences that have been historically and continue to excluded within psychology.  

Dr. Fouladi is of multicultural/ multilingual background and has lived and worked in varied places/communities/continents. Dr. Fouladi's university training first started in the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Engineering) and developed an aptitude for computer programming. After switching to Psychology with interests in social/Clinical/Health pychology, Dr. Fouladi discovered (during the 3rd year of the BA program) that Quantitative Psychology (Evaluation, Measurement & Statistics) exists as a domain of study/specialization within Psychology! This combination of experiences is foundational to an appreciation of different journeys/interests. Enquiries from individuals with varied backgrounds are welcome. Over the years, the MML (lab) has included students from a variety of Departments/Programs including those majoring in Linguistics, Psychology, Behavioral Neural Sciences, Statistics, Data Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Kinesiology (BPK), and Health Sciences. 

Feel free to e-mail Dr. Fouladi at (

If you qualify for work-study funding through the University's Financial Aid Office, you may be interested in knowing that Dr. Fouladi regularly posts projects to which students can apply for diverse research work-experience. Please refer to the University's work-study program for details.