In-Person Workshops

In a two-hour workshop, you will learn more about the strategic planning process and how your feedback will help inform the Faculty of Science strategic plan and goal setting. Each workshop will include dynamic breakout groups on: Academic matters; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Graduate Studies; Research; and Teaching and Learning. You are welcome to bring up any topic you wish; however, here are some major areas to get you thinking:

  • Academic matters: How do we offer our students the best possible Science education? Aspects include attracting new majors, student retention, future programs, interdisciplinary curriculum opportunities, curricular efficiency and more.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: How do we co-create the best possible culture for learning and working? Aspects include workplace culture, culturally-informed reconcilliation, thoughtful practices, community development, inclusive evaluation and more. 
  • Graduate Studies: How do we ensure the best possible training and experience for our Science graduate students? Aspects include student recruiting, graduate supervision, mental health, stipends, professional development and more. 
  • Learning and Teaching: How do we do the best possible Science teaching while optimally supporting teachers and learners? Aspects include teaching assessment, teaching innovation/new methods, academic support for students, teaching assistants (training and support), teaching equipment and technology, and more. 
  • Research: How should we promote and support success in research and innovation in the Faculty of Science? Aspects include major equipment purchases/renewal, large grant initiatives, assessing research productivity, graduate student recruitment, industry partnerships/contracts, and more.  

If you have any questions or would like to send any feedback, please reachout via

Register for a workshop

1 Faculty members and department-based staff from any department Friday April 28th  10am to 12pm P9412/14 In person
2 Faculty members and department-based staff from any department Monday, May 1st 10am to 12pm P9412/14 In person
3 Faculty members and department-based staff from any department Tuesday, May 2nd 10am to 12pm P9412/14 In person
4 Faculty members and department-based staff from any department Tuesday, May 9th 10am to 12pm P9412/14 In person
5 Science undergraduate society leaders and science undergraduate students Wednesday, May 17th 10am to 12pm Online Zoom
6 Science graduate student caucus leaders, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows Thursday, May 18th 12.30pm to 2.30pm P9412/14 In person
7 Staff members  Friday, May 19th 1.00pm to 3.00pm P9412/14 In person
8 Special session for anyone who could not attend in person Wednesday, June 7th 10am to 12pm Online Zoom

*Department-based staff members are welcome to attend either a workshop with faculty members, or the staff-specific workshop. It is not necessary to attend more than one.

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Who will be in attendance

Angie Brooks-Wilson
Dean of Science


Nancy Hawkins 
Associate Dean, Academic 

Marni Mishna
Associate Dean, EDI


Vance Williams
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies


Sarah Johnson 
Associate Dean, Learning

Michael Silverman
Associate Dean, Research 

Carolyn Peachey
Director, Marketing and Communications