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Disability Documentation


CAL requires current documentation of your medical condition or disability in order to ensure you receive the appropriate accommodations and supports you are entitled to, and to verify the presence of a disability.  This requirement is part of SFU's General Policy 26 and aligns with most post-secondary institutions in B.C.

  • It is your responsibility to cover any expenses related to obtaining documentation of disability.
  • Documentation does not have to be created specifically for SFU. If you have documentation that was obtained for another purpose (e.g., for another institution), CAL can accept a copy if it contains adequate information and meets the requirements outlined in Documentation Criteria Checklist below. 
  • If you have applied (or are in the process of applying) for disability-based government funding, CAL can accept a copy of your Verification of Disability form specific to your home province. For example, students in British Columbia eligible for permanent disability programs under StudentAid BC can provide a copy of the Verification of Disability form in the StudentAid BC Appendix 8 form (pdf).


Qualifed Assessors

The Ministry of Advanced Education and SFU recognize the ability of the following professionals to diagnose and document disabilities and chronic illnesses:

Physical/ mobility Physician or Nurse Practitioner
Vision Ophthalmologist, Optometrist or Orthoptist
D/deaf or hard of hearing Certified Audiologist
Neurological Neurologist, Physician, Neuropyschologist or Psychiatrist
Psychiatric or mental health condition Clinical Pyschologist, Psychiatrist or Physician who has in-depth knowledge of your medical history and care
Learning Disability Registered Clinical Psychologist or Certified School Pyschologist

Frequently used downloadable CAL forms