Getting settled

We have several programs and events to assist your transition to life at SFU. They are great ways to learn about university, and they are also a lot of fun.

Getting settled programs

University prep

University Prep is a free online course to help you with academic planning, understand degree requirements, prepare for enrollment, and find out more about our services and resources. There are even specific sections in the course to support international students.

SFU 101

SFU 101 is an additional free online course to guide you through the start of your student journey, providing you with information about welcome events and programs, SFU culture and student life, and tips for academic success. 

The Hive Program

The HIVE program places you in a small group with other new students from the same Faculty, which means you won't arrive on campus not knowing anyone! You’ll be supported by HIVE Leaders, students who were once in the same shoes as you and can share tips from their experiences.

Month of welcome

And we’ll kick off your first term with an epic Month of Welcome, which starts with Welcome Day. We'll show you around our campus, introduce you to more classmates, and have an all-around great time!

International Student Experience Support

International Student Experience Support is your accessible one-stop service available at any point in your academic journey at SFU. As an international student, this is your space to get support on your transition into university in Canada and ask questions about any aspect of your student life outside of class.

International Student Experience Support is based out of the Global Student Centre, our space for all things international - your campus hub for creating intercultural connections, engaging in global issues, and sharing experiences, while making new friends and exploring what the community has to offer.

The Global Student Centre hosts events like Meet, Greet, and Eat, a safe and inclusive gathering for students to hang out, meet new people, eat lunch together, and participate in creative activities.

Health and Counselling

Despite our efforts to help you adjust to life in Canada, we know studying in a new country is a big transition. SFU Health & Counselling has a support team available to help students from international pathways ease their transition into SFU.

Transition case manager

Our Transition Case Manager is available for one-to-one support, whether you're looking for assistance with intercultural communications, managing school stress, understanding documents, understanding Canadian services, or connecting with other resources.

Group counselling

Health & Counselling also offers group counselling, based around specific communities and needs.


If you need urgent support, SFU students can connect with My SSP and request to make an appointment with a counsellor who has a shared lived experience, such as religion or cultural identity. My SSP is available 24/7 by phone or chat through the app and is accessible worldwide. Multiple language options are available.