Last updated: April 11, 2024

Medical Insurance After Program Completion

As an international undergraduate or graduate student who has applied for graduation during Spring 2024, please carefully review the detailed information below regarding your medical insurance after completion of your program. 

Should you have any questions, please connect with an International Student Advisor for assistance. We wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

Note: This page will be updated as information changes. The information below is only applicable to SFU students and is current as of the last updated date. While we do our best to ensure that the advice given is accurate and up to date, please note the information below does not replace the specific information provided by the government and other relevant authorities. Please be aware that all information provided is subject to change without notice.

Primary Medical Insurance

You must have adequate medical insurance coverage during your time in Canada. All residents of British Columbia who are residing in BC for six months or longer are legally required to enroll in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).  In most cases, your MSP coverage is issued to match the expiry date of your current immigration document (e.g. your study permit or work permit). Thus, if you are currently covered under MSP but have recently renewed your study permit, you must extend your coverage with MSP by submitting a copy of your renewed study permit via the online MSP Account Change Request form.

  • Click here for more information on how to apply for MSP
  • Click here to access the online application for BC MSP
  • Click here to access the MSP online Account Change Request Form to request to extend/update your MSP coverage. You may also request for temporary MSP coverage using this link if you are currently under maintained status.

No longer a student and plan to apply for a PGWP?

  • Requesting temporary MSP coverage while you are waiting for your PGWP to be issued:

If you have applied for a PGWP before your study permit expired and you are still waiting for the approval of your PGWP while your current study permit has expired, you have “maintained status” which allows you to legally stay in Canada. Effective May 1, 2022, BC MSP provides MSP coverage to residents who are residing in B.C. with maintained status while their applications are being processed by IRCC. If you are currently under maintained status and your MSP coverage has expired or will be expiring soon, you may be eligible for temporary MSP coverage for an initial six-month period, with additional coverage provided if applicable. Please see page for more information on requesting temporary coverage. Once you receive your PGWP, please update your MSP account for the full length of your work permit.

  • Updating your MSP account as a work permit holder:

If you are currently enrolled with MSP as a study permit holder (or have requested temporary coverage as a previous study permit holder on maintained status), you may apply to extend and update your MSP account as a work permit holder with your PGWP. To do so, you need to upload a copy of your work permit via the online MSP account online change form. Note that Health Insurance BC’s standard practice is to continue to bill students for the International Student Health Fee ($75 per month) until the expiry date printed on the study permit.Thus, if your study permit expires in July 2024 or earlier, you will continue to be billed for MSP until your study permit expires (even if you may have changed your MSP account as a work permit holder). 

If your study permit was issued with an expiry date after July 2024, please submit an official notification of program completion (eg., Creditional Completion Letter or Senate Letter) along with your PGWP when updating your MSP account online. In this case, you should only be charged the MSP fees for 90 days after the issue date of your official document from SFU. If you have questions about the MSP fees and changing your account as a work permit holder, please contact Health Insurance BC for assistance.

Are you a member of Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) and are enrolled in SFU’s Group MSP plan?

Upon termination of your employment, your group MSP account will be automatically transferred to a personal account. You will then be responsible for paying the MSP fees on your personal MSP account.

Please note that your study permit or PGWP (upon approval) must be valid for at least six months in order to extend or enroll in MSP. 

If you are not eligible to extend or enroll with MSP (e.g. there is a gap in your MSP coverage), we strongly recommend that you obtain short-term private medical insurance to cover you in the interim. You may be eligible to purchase short-term medical insurance with guard. me International Insurance.

If you are currently outside of BC or you have recently returned to BC, please contact Health Insurance BC directly to inquire about your eligibility to enroll with MSP.

Permanently leaving BC?

If you plan to move permanently outside British Columbia (B.C.), you must notify Health Insurance BC (HIBC) as soon as possible of the date of your departure and your new address. This will ensure that your Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage is cancelled after the appropriate amount of time:

  • If you are moving within Canada, MSP coverage will be provided for the rest of the month in which you leave the province plus two consecutive months. Coverage may be extended for up to three extra months while you are in transit. You should apply immediately to the health plan of your new province or territory when you arrive.
  • If you are moving outside Canada, MSP coverage will be provided for the rest of the month in which you leave the province.

Contact HIBC

Secondary Medical Insurance

SFU undergraduate students were typically enrolled in secondary insurance through the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Health and Dental Plan. While, graduate students were typically enrolled through the Graduate Student Society (GSS) Health and Dental Plan.

If you were enrolled in the secondary insurance plan listed above during the Spring 2024 term, you may continue to use your secondary insurance until August 31, 2024. You must have valid primary health coverage (e.g. BC MSP or in order to access some secondary insurance benefits. 

Contact Studentcare through SFSS

(Undergraduate students)

Contact Studentcare through GSS

(Graduate students)