A charter for the Multifaith Centre of Simon Fraser University

1.1 Mission Statement

At the Multifaith Centre of Simon Fraser University we aim to:

  • offer pastoral care and support for all individuals within the University, especially to anyone who has spiritual, emotional and/or practical needs.
  • work through bridge-building - with others in the University, the wider community and with the churches, tabernacles, mosques and temples to encourage individual spiritual growth and development.
  • provide opportunities for appropriate forms of regular worship, reflection, prayer, fellowship and outreach and celebration for all members of the University community.
  • foster a lively, educational and informed debate about issues throughout the University which have a spiritual, moral or personal dimension: attempting to sensitivity unfold the relevance of spirituality and its necessity to what it means to be fully human.
1.1.1 Pastoral: The Multifaith Centre will...
  • contribute to the life of the University through recognizing, respecting and valuing the unique worth of every individual.
  • offer a full variety of information, tapes, videos, books and leaflets of a pastoral nature.
  • offer time, space for reflection, friendship, and encouragement.
  • provide full and accurate information for those needing specialist help, and be an independent source of support in times of personal crisis, bereavement and illness.
  • work collaboratively with the University's other support systems.
1.1.2 Bridge-Building: The Multifaith Centre will...
  • seek to nurture a spirit of wholeness, reconciliation and healing by caring for the needs of the whole person.
  • seek to promote links between the Interfaith Centre, the University, and the wider community.
  • help to build greater mutual understanding and co-operation in meeting the needs of the people in serves.
1.1.3 Worship: The Multifaith Centre will...
  • provide opportunities for people to come together for worship, and to observe particular times of joy and sorrow in the University community.
1.1.4 Education: The Multifaith Centre will...
  • offer skills, experience and expertise in raising awareness of the spiritual dimension throughout the University structures and curriculum.
  • provide opportunities for reflection and discussion on personal and institutional beliefs, values and attitudes, informally and through offering appropriate curriculum support.
  • seek ways to explore faith in contemporary society, and to promote inter-faith dialogue.

Dispute Resolution Proposal 

Should you feel offended by any material related with the SFU Multifaith Centre (including this website), please see below for a guide as to how to proceed with your complaint. If any person involved in the Multiaith Centre objects to any material displayed anywhere in the Multifaith Centre, then that person should first speak to the person who introduced the material.

Dispute Resolution
  1. If there is mutual agreement, then the situation should be considered resolved and no further action should be taken.
  2. If there is not mutual agreement then the parties shall meet again but with a third party, who is from the Multifaith Centre and has been agreed upon by both parties. The two parties shall review with the third party the divergent opinions with the goal of seeking a resolution.
  3. If the two parties cannot agree upon a third party facilitator then both parties will request a third party facilitator be appointed by the Multifaith Centre.
  4. If there is an agreement at this stage, then it shall be written up by the third party and signed by the other two parties and witnessed by the third party. A copy of this agreement shall then be registered with the Multifaith Centre. The dispute shall be considered resolved and no further action should be taken.
  5. If there is not an agreement reached between the two parties with the third party's assistance, then the third party shall present a written thorough summary to the Multifaith Centre's next meeting.