Staying connected while living in residence

July 04, 2023

By: Delaney Kamstra

Image by: Annie Jiao

Welcome to Residence,

Now that you’ve completed your preparations, moved in, set up your room, and settled into your new space, the hardest part is over. You’re a pro; you know your way around campus, and you’ve met some of your new neighbours… But there’s always new places to discover, events to attend, and people to meet, so staying connected with the residence community is an important step to create a fun, successful experience.

Whether it’s scheduled maintenance, parking lot closures, exciting residence events, or social media contests, we’ll always keep you in the know. To stay notified, prepared, and informed, we recommend following these helpful steps:

Check your SFU email frequently

Your SFU email is the first place you’ll receive important news, updates, and reminders. In the case of events such as scheduled power outages, upcoming construction, or limited front desk services, email communication is the first way residence notifications are distributed. But your email inbox isn’t just a place for maintenance updates, your class notifications, or move out reminders, it’s also a great way to find fun events around campus! As a resident, you will receive a weekly This Week in Residence Life (TWIRL) e-newsletter, which highlights the upcoming events in residence and around campus. Each week’s newsletter is different, and displays a wide variety of events. If you’re passionate about climate activism, wanting to join a club, hoping to attend an SFU sporting tournament, or in pursuit of a new crafting hobby, the TWIRL e-newsletter is the perfect place to quickly find new topics to explore, and to meet likeminded people along the way. If you’re an FIC student, you also have an SFU email address. All your Residence and Housing emails will go to your SFU inbox, so be sure to check it frequently for news, updates, and all things Residence and Housing. Haven’t activated your SFU email yet? Just click here to learn how.

Follow Us on Social Media

Our social media profiles are the #1 place to go for exciting updates and fun news. Casually scrolling through Instagram? Our story posts are just a click away. Looking for a building tour? Just visit our YouTube channel. With a variety of social media platforms, residence news is right at your fingertips.

Instagram is the best place to participate in our online community. See what your neighbours are up to, what’s happening on campus, and the best Burnaby Mountain sunset views in our photos. See mini “Day in the Life” vlogs, snack ideas, and more by watching our reels. Want to be featured on our page? Just tag us in your posts and stories, and we’ll reshare your content!

YouTube is the place to go if you’re searching for vlogs, building tours, and in-depth looks at Residence and Housing. If shorter videos are more your speed, you can also visit our TikTok for fun content from residence!

Maybe you prefer the classic social media websites, and you stick to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry, we share upcoming events, deadline reminders, and all the important information over there, too.

Get to Know the Staff

Have you introduced yourself to your Community Advisor (CA) yet, or met your building’s Residence Life Coordinator?

The live-in staff in residence are always there to answer questions, help you out, and build community. Get to know your CA and RLC (Residence Life Coordinator) and you’ll always have a friendly face to connect with and a helpful resource just a few doors away.

Get in Touch with the Front Desk

If you’re looking for particular information, the best place to go is straight to the source. There are plenty of ways to contact Residence and Housing. The front desk is open 24/7 and is located in the Courtyard Residence. If you have a question, come by and connect with the lovely front desk staff.

Or, if you prefer digital communication, you can email the housing team directly at, or you can call 778-782-4201.

Share Your Memories, Residence Tips, and More with Us!

The first-hand perspective of fellow student residents is always a helpful resource. If you have fun memories at residence events, favourite Dining Commons meals, packing list recommendations, or other first-hand insights, we’d love to see them and share them with others. Tag us in your stories, posts, and videos so we can repost your content, or email us at

Give future residents a glimpse into life at SFU Residence and Housing! Moving into a new place and meeting new people can be stressful at times; your contributions can help ease the nerves of incoming students and provide helpful advice that will create a great residence experience.