Leadership Empowerment and Development (LEAD) brings together students from diverse backgrounds in a multi-disciplinary environment with a specific focus on leadership. This foundational program has been designed to foster the personal growth of participants who are new to leadership and participants with some prior leadership experience. Regardless of where you are in your leadership and personal development, there is something in this program for you. This meaningful, engaging community is designed for students who want to develop their leadership skills, learn more about social justice and the non-profit sector, and have a passion for social issues and community engagement.


  • Gain valuable experience with community engagement
  • Develop leadership skills and potential
  • Receive specialized support from fellow students, staff and faculty with expertise in leadership and service learning
  • Students who participate in the LEAD LLC will receive credit on their co-curricular record

As a community member in the LEAD LLC, you will take part in a co-curricular leadership development program with your fellow LEAD LLC residents. Together, you will explore your leadership potential and develop key leadership skills by completing workshops and practical, experiential components and learning from each other. 

Further details

  • Eligibility: All full-time undergraduate SFU and FIC students are eligible to apply. SFU exchange students are eligible as long as you are here for two terms (fall and spring).
  • Additional cost: No additional cost.
  • Program length: September 2022 – April 2023


There are different components to the LEAD LLC program for students in the fall and spring terms:

Fall 2021

  • Introduction Session (first week of move-in/classes)
    • Meet everyone in your LLC cohort, the professional staff and LLCA etc., learn more about the LEAD LLC, the expectations, and what you will gain from it
  • Passport to Leadership Level 1
    • Passport to Leadership consists of six (6) sessions (one session per week) between September and November. 
    • At the beginning of the Fall semester you will register on your own for the cohort that best fits your academic schedule
    • LEAD LLC students do not have to pay the Passport to Leadership registration fee
  • Leadership & Community Involvement
    • With your Community Advisor, connect on topics and attend events that are leadership-focused.
  • Check-in Meeting
  • Fall Community Wrap-up

Spring 2022

  • Passport to Leadership Level 2
    • You will be automatically registered for Passport to Leadership 2 in the spring semester. The registration fee is waived for all LEAD LLC members
    • Your Passport to Leadership 2 session will be on Friday afternoons from 1:30pm-4:00pm in Residence. This means you cannot register for a class in the Spring semester during this timeframe
    • This will also include additional leadership skill training and development opportunities that are exclusive to the LEAD LLC students on Fridays from 1:30pm-4:00pm on some of the non-P2L2 session weeks
  • Leadership & Community Involvement
    • With your Community Advisor, connect on topics and attend events that are leadership-focused.
  • Community Wrap-up